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The polyester yarn has several forms, but the DTY (Polyester drawn textured yarn) and FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn) yarn are mainly used to make the fleece fabric. We will choose the most suitable yarn according to the client’ ideal blanket weight and size.


After choosing the right yarn the next step in step preparation is knitting the yarn. Our circular knitting machine will knit and bind the yarn into a continuous tube of fabric which is hundreds of yards long.



For solid color designs, we will use one environment-friendly dye to apply on both sides of the fabric equally. For printed designs, we will use screen printing or digital printing techniques according to the fleece fabric type.


We will finish the fleece fabric by brushing and other ways to enhance the feel and look. Once brushing is done, a blade is used to trim the fleece fiber of the blanket to give a beautiful, leveled pile.


Fleece fabric will be often cut in batches either by hand or laser cutting machine according to to the custom size. This is a process that requires care to ensure that they are cut straight so that they appear good when folded.


For solid color design, blankets go through embroidery machines to reflect the custom logos and artwork at desired spots on the blanket as instructed by customers. But for printed design, the logo or slogan will have printed on the blanket directly.



Different types of sewing machines are used to sew and hem the fleece blankets. They are hemmed in one of the kinds of hems to add durability and appeal. Overlock stitch is often used at the edge where the hems meet.


Cutting, brushing, shearing and hemming fleece blankets create loose threads and this requires gentle vacuuming. This process ensures none of the threads remain on the blanket.


The blankets are inspected for length, width, loose threads, dirt, stains, holes, poor stitching, embroidery, and printing. Any blemishes like spots or color shading are checked to make sure the customers get what they order.


Fleece blankets will be private labeled according to your requirements, hangtag or band label will be attached for each blanket, and you can also choose various packaging.

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